Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Links for December 27, 2006

  • The Queen of England’s annual Christmas address is also available for the first time via podcast.
  • The Power 50: one blogger’s take on “50 brilliantly crazy & enlightened marketing / media bloggers.”
  • Also from BuzzCanuck, the top 11 word-of-mouth stories of 2006.
  • You Deserve More Than Time’s Person of the Year. MediaShift’s Mark Glaser gives eight tips to “give people more power in Time’s own editorial space.”
  • Via Micropersuation, Newsweek predicts 2007 will be the Year of the Widget: “If 2006 was all about social networks, user-generated content and YouTube, then it’s a fair bet that 2007 will be about further personalizing life online. Already, portals like Google and Yahoo! offer customizable pages. Want to see a calendar, learn a new word-of-the-day and check local windsurfing conditions all from your homepage? No problem, you have thousands of widgets to choose from. And the fact that they’re so intuitive has made the features very popular.”
  • Also via Micropersuation, America’s New Digital Divide. “…you will find that the majority of the broadband connected population is passive, not active. Despite all of the wonderful advances in technology, publishing and aggregation tools have been adopted only by only a small minority of users. It's this tiny community, more than any other, that is shaping the technology, media, business and even the geopolitical agenda. Our voices, not always the broader populous, is what rings loudest.”