Monday, December 11, 2006

Links for 11-12-2006

  • Government of Canada Web 2.0 session reveals that using the "C-word" is a ticket to hell
    Marcomm blogger and president of market2world communications opines "At present using the C-word, or Communications, is a ticket to hell for innovation on Web 2.0. That word attracts too much top-down authority. Best to get pilots going under the auspices of new technology and leave the C-word out of it." Be sure to read the comments!
  • Hello Home Office Blog Watchers
    Criticism of the UK's use of old-school media monitoring to monitor blogs.

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  • Social Media Metrics
    "Interest in moving into social media is high, but companies don't have a context yet in which to place social media alongside other costs they already understand, like PR and advertising--even if the effective measurement of those other costs remains somewhat tenuous. So they're going to ask a lot of questions about how to measure the value of what they're buying, and they're not going to be satisfied with the answer that measurements in social media are really no better than measurements in traditional media." Another perspective of the social media roundtable I mentioned last week.
  • Group mentality
    The Globe and Mail's Mathew Ingram on packaged social media tools for businesses.
  • Social media solutions for Santa Claus Enterprises, Inc.