Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Links for 19-12-2006

  • Global Neighborhoods: the Overview
    Shel Israel is the co-author, with Microsoft’s Robert Scobles, of the seminal corporate blogging book Naked Conversations. He’s just posted the overview of his new book, Global Neighborhoods and is asking for feedback. He says, “Global Neighborhoods looks at the habits of young people to predict the future of business and government. It paints a picture of business and government when a generation that is immersed in social media and immune to traditional marketing and media comes of age.” I suspect this will be a book worth watching out for.
  • Canadians love blogs
    iMedia Connections released data showing Canadians with the highest level of 'blog visit penetration' (i.e. the highest percentage of people who visited a blog) worldwide in October. Fifty-eight per cent of Canadians visited a blog, followed by 51% of Spaniards and 45% of the French. The US ranked sixth with 36% of the population visiting a blog in October.
  • Book of lists 2006
    PR Week provides a year-end round-up that includes top 10 PR blunders, 5 brands that rocked, and 5 best-in-class communicators (and some of the worst in each category, too.)
  • The Social Media Toolbox for PR people
    Via Ketcheson.net (see the original post for a nice compilation of social media 'goodies'), a handy list of social media monitoring, analysis and blogging tools.