Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Links for 13-12-2006

  • Via BuzzCanuck, some good advice: 11 tips for managing a good blog entry.
  • MyCBC: Will this new media also get new rules? Interesting post about the new MyCBC, but noteworthy for this priceless advice, which belongs in the footer of every page of our proposal:

    "Despite well-intentioned talk about how we should all take more risks, like every other large public institution people spend too much of their day worrying about making sure they follow the right process, go through the proper channels, and cover both their rear ends plus their boss and their boss’s boss. We will have to be willing to, frankly, drop a lot of the rules and structure that was set up with the statement: “We need this extra layer of management/editing/approval just in case.” The “just in case” rules will kill us in this new world. We’ll have to take real risks — occasionally, those risks will lead to mistakes. But it’s the only way we’ll learn."