Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The PMO, the Cabinet ministers and Facebook

Sorry about the sparse posting lately. Too many tasks and not enough people to go around. Things should settle down soon, and I've got some great ideas for future posts.

But! Today, I wanted to share this article from The Hill Times, the official newspaper of Parliament Hill. In a rather unfortunate move, it seems the PMO has banned Cabinet ministers from having personal pages on Facebook. (Sorry, the article is open to subscribers only.) The article notes:

Conservative sources told Hill Climbers that senior PMO officials instructed all chiefs of staff to Cabinet ministers last month at their weekly meetings to "encourage" ministerial staffers to remove their pages from Facebook because they don't want personal information or political views posted which could potentially create negative press and fodder for opposition parties.

The PMO took this course of action after CBC TV on May 16, took quotes from the Facebook web page of Jeffrey Kroeker, former senior staffer to Marjory LeBreton, government leader in the Senate and now director of communications and Parliamentary affairs to Helena Guergis, secretary of state for Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

I suppose this doesn't bode well for a Cabinet minister having a blog any time soon, does it?