Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Conference follow-up

Just a quick post to say hello to any newcomers who might be arriving after our communications conference last week.

I was amazed at how many of the conference speakers touched on various aspects of social media, and very pleased to hear how strong our organization's support is for these early forays into research on the tools of social media.

We talked about how to use this blog as a communication tool, but a few of you expressed concern about how public a forum it is. For those of you who weren't aware, yes, this blog and the comments are indexed by Google and other search engines, and the content is available to anyone who happens to stumble by.

We're talking about other options, like a password protected blog or bringing the blog inside the firewall, but for now, please feel free to comment with your first name only or an alias if you prefer. To join the conversation, click on the "comment" link at the end of each post and add your thoughts in the box that will pop up. The comment box will ask for your e-mail address, but only I will see that, and you can leave that blank if you choose.